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Affiliate Program with britishleggings.com

Jaff-program-britishleggingsoin the British Leggings affiliate program today and earn yourself 8% commission on every order via your referral link.

Affiliate Program – what it’s all about ?

In essence, an affiliate program is to promote and sell products for a merchant (online store) and get commission (pay per lead) instead of salary from that merchant. It’s completely free and without any risks.

With the expansion of business, britishleggings.com decided to start its new affiliate program.

1) What does our affiliate program involve?

Our affiliate program is about making money from making recommendations. Affiliates, including a website owner, a social networker, a blogger etc, can simply share links, place our ads and receive a commission from each paid order by a customer.

If you love our products on www.britishleggings.com and also want to recommend them to others, you can join us by registering a free affiliate account here.

From your account area you will be provided with affiliate links on screen that are only associated with your Affiliate membership. These URL’s (referral links) can simply be shared anywhere on the internet, for example on social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

2) How do I get my commission?

Commission will be calculated by our system automatically when a user clicks on your affiliate referral link/ads and places an order on our site. Your tracker code on the link activates our live referral system which records site visits and any orders via this route.

The commission rate is currently 8% from each paid order, excluding shipping fee. So for example, an order value of £25.00 you will receive £2.00 in commission.

Britishleggings.com will transfer commission to your Paypal account the last calendar day of every month.

3) What are the steps to join the affiliate program?

A. Register an account in the Affiliate Area on the website or click here. Please ensure you enter your paypal email once you sign up.

B. After registration, view your Affiliate Account area page and you will see two types of referral links we provide. They are ready-made links and user-defined links; choose one type and copy the URL.

C. Paste the URL to your facebook/twitter status, your blog or within the code of a web page.

That’s all there is to it!

To make sure everything is in working order, you can check the affiliate link by yourself. After you paste the link or ads, click on it and see whether the URL has included your unique ID number at the end e.g. https://britishleggings.co.uk?aff_promotion=1

To share a product page under the affiliate program just add your affiliate code at the end of the URL e.g. https://britishleggings.co.uk/product/blue-denim-leggings?aff_promotion=1

Please note: A suggested referral will be valid up until the 28th day after she or he clicked your affiliate link.

If you already have a customer account with us and prevented from affiliate registration, then please log out and sign up with a new email address.

Profit Sharing Plan

1. Commission will be credited to your account balance on our site, and you can view this information along with progress at anytime within your affiliate area page.

2. At the last calendar day of every month, britishleggings.com send funds (your commission) by Paypal.

You can log into your Affiliate Account at anytime, just click on ‘sign in’ (top right of website) and enter your affiliate username and password followed by Enter. Then simply select ‘Affiliate Area‘ from the ‘My Account’ drop down menu.

Becoming an affiliate with us is an easy way of earning cash! We are looking forward to your participation!